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Col Pian Fum - Il Colle delle masche

On the ridge in the middle of the Val di Viù and the Val d'Ala, between rocky and grassy ridges, stands the Col Pian Fum, a pass with an easy access at any time of the year. The Colle is one of the many "legendary" places of the Valli di Lanzo, and apparently in the old days, on Friday evening, the masche (witches) met here for their magical rites. Arrived on the hill, on its right, you can admire the long and beautiful rocky ridge, called Rocca Moross, which, similar to the back of a dinosaur, stands out towards the sky almost touching the clouds.

Road access: From the Turin’s North ring road, exit at Borgaro or Venaria. Then go towards the Valli di Lanzo and then towards Viù. Once in Viù, you pass a first square, a narrowing of the road and then a smaller square overlooked by the post office. A short straight section leads to a junction where you leave the provincial road that goes down to the left and continue straight, towards Tornetti. The narrow road climbs with many turns on the sunny side of the valley, passing many hamlets and farmhouses. After the village of Polpresa, the climb ends and you face a long stretch on the hillside, you ignore a detour to Mezzenile and, after passing a stream, you arrive in sight of the Tornetti hamlet. At a crossroads, go up to the right passing next to the church of the hamlet and continue to climb among the pastures. The car can be left near the run down structure, the remains of a ski lift station and the ruins of a hotel that has never been completed.

Route: The route starts on a comfortable and flat dirt road. After passing a bar, a gentle climb begins. After a few bends, around a ridge, the view of the Alpe Bianca disappears. You still follow a flat stretch where, upstream of the dirt road, there is the deviation for the Viana lake. Continuing along the road, you pass along the foot of a rocky cliff and, shortly after, you cross the Rio Viana. The climb is steeper, do not pay attention to the deviation towards L'Alpe Grosso. The panorama, shortly after, opens before your eyes and, after a last series of hairpin bends, you finally arrive at Col Pian Furm, at an altitude of 1999. Monte Marmottere is located higher up.

Journey time 
0 sec
Highest altitude 
1.999 m
Height ascent 
549 m
Height descent 
549 m
Snow shoes

Point of departure

Frazione Tornetti - Alpe Bianca
10070 Viù TO

Point of arrival

Col Pian Fum

Useful information

Recommended period 
Tutto l'anno.
Access with public transport