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Valentino Rock Garden

Created by Giuseppe Ratti for the International Exhibition of 1961, in the area between the Medieval Village and the Torino Esposizioni complex, it was the main exhibition venue of the flower show held that year in Turin.

A small valley occupying an area of 12,000 square meters was transformed into a characteristic garden crossed by paved pathways, streams, water features, terraces and resting places.

The garden was subsequently enlarged, annexing neighbouring green areas and, most importantly, the Rose Garden, created in 1965 and enlarged for the "Flor '92" flower show. This permanent collection of over 2000 rose bushes was donated to the City by both Italian and foreign floriculturists.

The rock garden currently covers an area of 44,000 square metres and, during every season of the year, numerous flowerbeds are created to commemorate its birth.

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