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Lamarmora Garden

Built in 1863 during the expansion of the city into the land occupied by the now demolished Citadel. It was designed by the French architect Jean-Pierre Barillet-Deschamps. Like many gardens of the time, it is raised above street level and slopes down to the ground on the Via Cernaia side. It has an orderly design, perfectly integrated among the grand buildings that surround it. These include "Palazzo della luce", (Building of Light) an eclectic building designed by architect Carlo Angelo Ceresa and topped by two large sculptural groups by Edoardo Rubino. Inside, we find the monument to Colonel Alessandro Ferrero della Marmora (Lamarmora) by Giovanni Cassano and Giuseppe Dini, which was unveiled in 1867. There is also a large stone sculpture portraying the Bersaglieri launching into attack, topped by a winged figure representing the Victorious Homeland. This piece is the work of Giorgio Ceragioli and was installed in 1936. In Via Bertola we can see two monumental fountains consisting of a pair of stone vases and surmounted by two masks acting as spouts.

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