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If your passion are the two wheels? If you love nature, discovery of new territories and take a journey between local traditions in discovery of good food, your destination is Piemonte.

The lands of great cycling champions, in 1919, in Castellania in the province of Alexandria, Fausto Coppi was born, nicknamed the "il Campionissimo" (The great champion) or "l’Airone" (The heron), was the most famous and winning runner of the golden age of cycling and is considered one of the greatest and most popular athletes of all time. And still today it is possible to walk the same roads that have witnessed the first cycling by the Campionissimo (Great Champion), but not only, there are numerous cycling excursion possibilities throughout the Region. It goes from the paths between the rice fields of Vercelli, to the hills of the grand prize mountain of the various stops of the Giro d'Italia (Tour of Italy), to pedal up and down the hills between the vineyards and the cellars also with the possibility of using bicycles with assisted pedals.

Slow and eco-sustainable tourism is living a golden period in our territory, miles stretching of cycling paths inside the natural parks and along the banks of the great rivers, among these Vento that starting from Torino allows to reach Venezia, but also the entire cycling path along the Po and still the Canale Cavour (Cavour Channel).

But the experience of discovery thanks to the bicycle does not stop here, one can visit the Residenze Reali (Royal Residences) thanks to the Corona di Delizie path by bicycle: 112 km of cyclist paths, cycling trails and rural roads connecting the Residences and the Metropolitan Parks reaching the most beautiful rivers, agricultural and historical landscapes of the municipalities of the course.

If for you the bicycle must be lived on the steep mountain slopes, the Piemonte Alpine arch of Torino, Cuneo and Vercelli is at your disposal with steep climbs and "lush descents" to make you live intense sports experiences in contact with the beautiful and uncontaminated nature.

What else is there to say, good pedaling to everyone in the Piemonte lands!!!