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In March the gardens and museums of the Domini Borromeo (Borromeo Estate) on Isola Bella and Isola Madre reopen. The latter, a precious jewel set in the waters of Lake Maggiore, is known throughout the world for its refined botanical collections of rare plants and exotic flowers. Besides the lush greenery of the garden tourists can visit the old palace which contains prestigious furnishings from Casa Borromeo (the House of Borromeo), and the family chapel with its façade decorated with terracotta panels.

Isola Bella is an amazing place thanks to continual blooming of the flowers and priceless art treasures that come together in a harmonious microcosm. The eighteenth century Palazzo Borromeo (Borromeo Palace) contains precious collections of the Borromeo family, including paintings and original furnishings which have been handed down for centuries.

Spring is the ideal time to visit the sumptuous villas and beautiful gardens on Lago Maggiore (Lake Maggiore), which once again welcome Italian and foreign tourists after the winter break. The season begins on March 18 with the opening of the Borromeo Islands.

The only island in the Golfo Borromeo (Borromeo Gulf) that does not belong to the Borromeo is the Isola dei Pescatori (Fishermen’s Island). As the name suggests, the place was originally a fishing village. Today the island has turned into a tourist attraction still inhabited by about fifty people. During the day it is visited by thousands of tourists but in the evening returns to the islanders.

Something not to miss is the Rocca Borromeo (Borromeo Fortress) of Arona overlooking the southern shore of Lake Maggiore. With its large beautiful medieval garden, is the ideal destination for tourists looking for tranquillity and nature. In the fortress an exciting tour takes you through the impressive historic rooms with the recent addition of an exhibition in Sala delle Maioliche (Majolica Room) containing an extraordinary collection of three hundred rare pieces. The Museo della Bambola e del Giocattolo (Museum of Dolls and Toys), the largest in Europe, is amazing with its exhibition which recreates the history of dolls and games.