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A weekend among the Monferrato hills discovering castles and palaces, between art, history and wines. It is pure magic. Among the most attracting areas in Piemonte, Monferrato is characterised by the softness and integrity of a landscape that in autumn turns into an enchanted red colour. Monferrato is a land rich of history and tradition and combines the scenery with the commercial offer. From the Valenza gold to the Spa in Acqui, from the hats from Alessandria to the Novi chocolate, from the Gavi wines to the ones from Asti, Canelli, Vignale, Casale.
Here is an idea of an itinerary among castles and hills starting from the Basso Monferrato, whose main town is Casale Monferrato, with the Paleologi Castle (an austere reminiscence of Monferrato events) and then the San Giorgio Monferrato castle, which was build to block the Saracen advance that was threatening Piemonte in the 10th century. Continuing up the hills, at Vignale Monferrato, it is possible to visit the old manor where now an important winery is located. However, the Basso Monferrato boasts one of the most beautiful castles in Italy, namely, the Camino castle. It is well known for its frescoed halls, the old courtyards and the park. Today offers lavish settings for ceremonies, cultural meetings, and a location for films and commercials. Another place worth mentioning is the Lignano castle, among the oldest in the area, which has preserved finely Frescoed halls with the coat of arms of the Grisella family.
It is also worth mentioning the Uviglie Castle at Rosignano Monferrato from whose top it is possible to admire one of the most beautiful landscapes in Piemonte. The manor was turned into an estate in 1992 and managed to re-launch the cultivation of the precious Doc vineyards, such as Barbera del Monferrato, Grignolino del Monferrato Casalese, Monferrato Freisa, and Piemonte Chardonnay.
The Alto Monferrato starts between Piemonte and Liguria, and it is divided into three areas: the Acqui area, with Moscato and Brachetto vineyards and numerous archaeological Roman areas to visit; the Ovada area, with high hills dotted with Medieval castles (at Rocca Grimalda, Orsara Bormida, Tagliolo, Trisobbio) and Dolcetto vineyards, as well as the Novi and Gavi areas, well known for the typical white wine and the handmade dessert business. The Salabue castle at Ponzano is also a significant manor. It is much loved by military strategists as it preserves precious documents from the First and Second World War and letters by Generals Diaz, Badoglio, Cadorna, and Foch. In the Ovada area, it is worth mentioning the seventeenth-century Prasco castle. For plants and trees enthusiasts, not far from the castle there is the Giardino Botanico dei Mandorli (Almond Trees Botanic Gardens).



Foto di Loris Barbano