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Tendenza Ciaspole

It's the most fun (and cool) activity of winter! They are economical, ecological and more "social" than the solitary ski slopes, combining fun and physical exercise: we are talking about snowshoes, the most fashionable trend of the latest winters, which is increasingly widespread in Piedmont. The use of snowshoes is currently linked to a sporting activity, while in the past they were used in everyday life by hunters and peasants to help advance in the snowy landscapes, they were round rackets made of wood and leather. Today snowshoes are mostly plastic. The word "ciaspole" – snowshoes - is Judeo-Spanish and has entered the common language after the success of "Ciaspolada", the famous race of Val di Non, born in 1973.

The success of this new sporting discipline is basically tied to the possibility of practicing a softer and less invasive sport with regard to nature, as there is no need to set up equipping systems or manufacture artifacts of great impact.

But the benefits are not only of an environmental nature, snowshoeing is an aerobic activity that helps lose weight (it burns an average of 600 calories per hour), sculpts the leg muscles (on fresh snow the quadriceps tend to get toned) and thanks to the pairing with rods, which serve to help maintain balance, it also works out the shoulders, torso and triceps.

In addition, going forward in the snow helps improve attention, especially for the attention that needs to be placed on how to move, both during lifting (fresh snow holds the racquet on the ground) as well as when the foot is placed.

And, like all aerobic activities, walking with snowshoes activates the production of endorphins, helping to improve mood and counteract anxiety: an effect, which is enhanced with the contact with nature, which is one of the most powerful anti-stress regimens.

Walking with snowshoes is not difficult; the movement resembles a normal mountain walk. However, it is harder both for the weight of the boots and shoe rackets on the feet, as well as the sinking that in part occurs on the white mantle, therefore preliminary preparation is required.

Like all mountain activities it is not risk-free, it's always advisable to follow the marked routes, use the safety devices, and if you are beginners take part of guided hikes and organized group tours.

What else is there to say ... WE WISH A GOOD EXCURSION TO ALL!!!