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The morphology of the Piedmont territory, rich in hills, plateaus and mountains, has allowed for the spread of various air sports, among these one of the most exciting is certainly paragliding.

The paraglider consists of a polymer wing that is carried in a backpack and once deployed on takeoff, turns into a fascinating flying machine that can bring unrivalled excitement. It's a practical and fun way to fly in complete freedom and in total harmony with the environment. It is also an ecological vehicle, as it only draws its energy from the forces of the pilot and nature. To fly, you need three things: the paraglider ('sail' in the correct jargon), the harness and the helmet. If this air sport fascinates you, Piedmont offers a whole host of possibilities for flights in all the regional area, and as for altitude, you can admire the splendid landscape roundabout.

Another possibility is to try hang gliding (also called, more simply, ‘kite’ or ‘wing’ by enthusiasts, more precisely Ala Rogallo from the name of its inventor), a medium designed for free flight. The hang glider is the only aerodynamic with pendulum control, i.e. it is driven only through the weight shift of the pilot, with very few exceptions represented by some small diffused variants that also have aerodynamic controls.

From the idea of Leonardo da Vinci, who was the first to think of an inverted cone capable of slowing down the fall of a body immersed in a fluid, since then the techniques of human flight combined with parachute, and the technologies of the materials used, along with the development of parachuting sports, have undergone a very significant evolution. In Piedmont there are several centres, throughout many provinces, where you can experience the excitement of flying and at the same time admire the beautiful landscape of our territory. The simplest, fastest and safest way to get closer to the world of skydiving is to launch in tandem, or jump from over 4000 metres firmly harnessed to an instructor without the need for special skills and specific courses.