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Farmhouses, Alpine huts, Barrels, Stars box, Tree houses, Yurts, Bubble Suite, Castles... there is something for everyone! Many, in fact, are the offers of Piedmont to stay in a different structure from the usual.

But let's start from the hills of Monferrato, where those who love wine should not miss the opportunity to sleep in a real barrel. Yes, you got it right, a real wine barrel!

In Rocca Grimalda, for example, in the B&B Pervinca (, it is possible to rest in original 19th century barrels made of chestnut and oak wood.

Barrels aside, who, as a child, has not dreamed of sleeping at least once in a house built on a tree? Here, another solution that will leave open-mouthed nature lovers, and not only, these are the beautiful and evocative Tree Houses.

We really liked Aromantica, the Tree House of Tenuta Montegrande, in San Salvatore Monferrato ( a real nest, cozy and refined. Furnished in shabby chic style and equipped with every comfort, this house, surrounded by lush branches, enjoys an enchanting view from the balcony, which welcomes guests for long and relaxing breakfasts. But if you want to look for another one, here you can find many, in every province of Piedmont:

Don't barrels and tree houses pique your interest? Then how about a night in a StarsBox? The installation offers shelter, but can also open up to the sky offering a unique show. In short, you can decide when to start the show and when to close to enjoy a restorative sleep in the midst of the pristine nature of the mountains. In shape and size, the project is inspired by the shepherds' huts/racks, but they are a real stage for the stars. Here the info:

But if you like adventure, why not opt for a stay in a yurt in Bosia (Cuneo). The yurt is a typical mobile and traditional dwelling of the Mongolian people also used by other nomadic populations of Central Asia such as the Kazakhs and Kyrgyz? (Info: 3298406778,3472350536)

If you prefer a more refined place, near Lake Maggiore, precisely in Borgo Ticino, you can experience a night inside a Bubble Suite, a transparent pneumatic structure that resembles a crystal ball:

But if you want to experience a real charming weekend, you must stay in a real castle, like the one in Razzano ( Here you will feel welcomed in a truly noble way: from the sumptuous driveway, to the rooms furnished with sophisticated elegance, to the panoramic swimming pool surrounded by vineyards, everything here is exclusive.

Another solution for a luxurious vacation among the rolling hills of Monferrato Casale, but always without sacrificing nature, is that offered by the Castle of Frassinello (, which welcomes guests in rooms and independent solutions with a delightful "country chic" style.

In short, there are so many possibilities for a dream night, we just have to wish you a good stay!