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For lovers of fishing, Piedmont, one of the richest regions in Italy in terms of water, is a real paradise where you can find everything you need for unforgettable freshwater fishing: streams, rushing streams that flow through the woods of the Alps and the Pre-Alps, great rivers, alpine lakes, great lakes, artificial lakes. Moreover, the beauty of nature all around from the majesty of the mountains to the sweetness of the hills.

From small artificial lakes to larger lakes known as Lake Maggiore, Lake Orta, and then Lake Mergozzo, to small gems in the mountains such as the Lakes of Avigliana, Viverone, Candia. The lakes of Canavese, among which the Sirio, the Cascinette, the Black Lake, and the Pistono Lake, which are ideal for dangling your hook in search of chubs, trout, carp, tench, perch and other freshwater fish. You will be spoilt for choice here, even for the most demanding fishermen, among unique and unmissable places, pearls surrounded by greenery, enchanting landscape, historic villages, characteristic marinas, and a rich historical and artistic heritage. The rivers and streams in this region, which is so rich in crystal clear waters, can also be enjoyed by fishermen. In short, whether you want to chase trout in the waters of mountain streams or fish in the shallow waters and calm currents of the plain, the Piedmont territory has it all to fulfil every whim of fishing lovers.


Queen's Trout
For several decades, the Savoys have frequented the Upper Gypsum Valley as their exclusive place of hunting and fishing. In particular, Queen Helen of Savoy, a great lover of fishing, loved to go fishing in the river Gesso, where it is still possible today to find some examples, albeit very rare now, of the trout so loved by the Queen, spectacular in livery, with its small red dots scattered throughout its coat.