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Loop route: Bocchetto di Sessera - Bosco del Sorriso - Eremo di Santa Maria - Tagge Artignaga - Cascina Montuccia - Bocchetto di Sessera (brown signs "Strada dell'Artignaga 16")


This excursion can be done all year round, although we recommend autumn, when the woods turn into a palette of colors thanks to the foliage.

The excursion starts in Bocchetto di Sessera where there are several parking lots near the inn of the same name. Leaving the asphalt road of the Panoramica Zegna behind you, you will pass by the inn and arrive at some benches and educational panels. Now go left along a wide dirt road that goes slightly uphill. A few steps and you will leave it for a smaller dirt road on the right that goes beyond a wooden gate and proceeds slightly downhill, well maintained and pleasant. In this way, we go through the pleasant Bosco dei Sorrisi, along which small stones indicate specific points where you can stop to enjoy the arboreal waves; a plaque on them indicates the essence, where it is and for which organs it produces benefits. Children will find the wooden books on which they can read the "fairy tales of the forest" fascinating.

In this pleasant way, always on a gradual slope, we arrive to the wide meadows that surround the small building of the Eremo di Santa Maria, situated on a grandiose panorama.

Once you've caught your breath, continue past the building on the flat dirt road, but pay attention at the first fork: go straight ahead on the flat and proceed through a beautiful wood. A short climb leads you to cross a torrent and then turn right to reach an area of meadows and scattered rocks, just below the buildings of Tagge Artignaga.

From here you come back following the road you initially took on the way up, then turning towards Alpe Montuccia where the view opens up over the valley. Continue on the farm road that initially winds slightly uphill and then downhill to the starting point.