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Our itinerary begins in Formazza, with the magnificent Toce Falls, the summit of which offers a splendid view. The mountain pastures of these areas are home to the production of Ossolano d'Alpe or Bettelmatt, a cheese with a delicate aroma of freshly-mown grass. On the way to Premia, we come to the locality of Ausone, where we find a Walser settlement which was abandoned in the Sixties. The unmistakable stone and larch wood house have now become an open-air museum. In these beautiful places you can also see fascinating mountain gorges such as Arvera, one of the most picturesque canyons in this valley, or relax at the spa facilities in Premia. Interesting attractions such as the Marmitte dei Giganti in Maiesso, cavities dug into the rock by water, can also be found here. Leaving the alpine landscape behind us, we move on to Stresa, with its beautiful beach on Lake Maggiore opposite the Borromean Islands. After a boat trip on the lake, we can taste the delicious local biscuits known as Margheritine.