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For lovers of cycling, tranquillity and slow travel, the cycle routes of Piemonte are an experience not to be missed: a network of pedestrian and cycle routes on "old" roads across the enchanted nature of our countryside. But also easy routes, on white roads, that wind down from the mountains to the plains, amongst medieval villages, castles, historic mansions, characteristic towns, reaching Turin, the capital, which welcomes visitors with its historical and artistic beauties. A unique opportunity to learn about places, visit museums and appreciate our territory at a slow pace, tasting the typical dishes of the Piemonte tradition, of course accompanied by a good glass of local wine.


For the more adventurous bikers there is no lack of off-road routes along country paths, often uneven, steep and technically difficult descents in the case of freeride, downhill and dirt jumping where more or less challenging aerial evolutions are performed, jumping from natural or artificial structures. Due to its geological conformation, Piemonte lends itself naturally to these activities: from the Olympic valleys to the Cuneo area, on the slopes of the Granda, from the magical landscapes of Macugnaga to the Verbano lakes, and up to Gran Paradiso. Particularly fascinating are the Rive Rosse, the unusual landscape that winds down from the Valle Strona of Vallemosso crossing Masserano and arriving to Curino, between the provinces of Biella and Vercelli, so called for the particular colour of the reddish orange rocks that characterises the almost Martian landscape.