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Preparation time  
1 hour
4 people
Recipe type 
Pasta, rice and soups


30 gr
350 gr
wheat flour
1 spoon
extra virgin olive oil
1 slice 100 gr
streaky bacon
1 ladle
tomato salse
2 spoons
Barbera wine
to taste

Heap the flour on a work surface and add the eggs, a pinch of salt and olive oil and knead thoroughly until you get a very firm dough. Cover with a napkin and leave to rest for an hour.
Take the dough and knead it briefly, then roll it out into a thin layer and leave to dry for ten minutes or so. Sprinkle flour over the top, roll it up and cut it into fine strips.
Fry the finely sliced onion in butter along with the diced bacon. Add the tomato passata, pour in the wine and continue cooking for ten minutes or so, stirring often and adding salt to taste.
Cook the tagliatelle in plenty of salted water, drain and add the tomato sauce.
The tajarin found in the valleys are very different from the versions enriched with egg yolk prepared in the Langa area. Eggs were precious bartering goods in mountain areas when women travelled down to the villa – the term inhabitants of local hamlets used to indicate the main town centre – and sold them, unsupervised by the head of the family. Tajarin were always a Sunday dish. This version, typical of Roaschia, is particularly renowned, thanks also to the soft water of the town’s springs – the Dragunera spring, just outside the town, is the most famous – which is particularly suited to cooking.