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Preparation time  
1 hour 45 min
4 people
Recipe type 
Main courses


2 cloves
half liter
to taste
1 large
100 gr
mortadella made with liver
50 gr
to taste
8 leaves
Savoy cabbage
to taste
extra virgin olive oil
100 gr
stale bread
200 gr
100 gr
pasta di salame
1 stem
1 glass
red wine

Boil, peel and mash the potatoes. Wash and blanch the cabbage leaves. Mince the other vegetables and cured meats in a mincer using the medium disc. Combine the ingredients of the filling and soften them with a little milk. Place the open cabbage leaves on the table and drop a generous spoonful of the minced mixture in the centre. Fold up the leaves to form a parcel. Place them in a roasting tin with a little butter and a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil. Fry lightly and pour over the wine. Let it reduce. Then add a little stock and cook over a low flame for about twenty minutes.

Serve warm or cold. Not to be confused with Caponèt Langaroli, which are stuffed and fried courgette flowers, Valsesian Caponèit (pronounced "capuneit") are closely related to Polpett de Verz Lombarde (Cabbage balls from Lombardy). The very characteristic ingredients of the filling include Fidighìn (liver mortadella from the shores of Lake Orta and other areas of north-eastern Piedmont) and Salam d'la Doja (pork sausage preserved in lard, a speciality from the lower Valsesia). Caponèit are also different from other subalpine rolls, such as Caponòt from Vercelli, which in the province of Novara are called Quajëtte and have rice added to the filling.