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Preparation time  
2 hours
Recipe type 


200 gr
250 gr
dark chocolate
250 gr
wheat flour
250 gr
corn flour Fioretto
to taste
15 gr
baking powder
80 gr
Shelled hazelnuts
1 small glass
egg yolk
0,5 gr
vanilla flavouring
200 gr
caster sugar

In the past, this dessert was made on special occasions, such as Carnival, the local patron saint's day or engagement parties.

In Cigliano d'Asti, these particular biscuits are still made in the traditional way, with cast iron plates, and baked on the stove top. The recipe is simple. First of all, the butter must be softened at room temperature, before mixing it with the flour, yeast, sugar and beaten egg yolks, adding vanillin and rum to suit personal preference. Then the dough, which should be compact but soft, is kneaded and divided into walnut-sized balls. Press each of them between two hot and lightly greased iron plates. Just a few minutes and they will be ready. Roast and chop the hazelnuts (or almonds if you prefer). Melt the dark chocolate with a little milk and mix in the hazelnuts (or almonds), to make a soft cream. Sprinkle half the biscuits with the cream, place the remaining biscuits on top and serve the Canestrelli, either lukewarm or cold.