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Preparation time  
3 hours 30 min
8 people
Recipe type 
Pasta, rice and soups


1 clove
to taste
butter and extra virgin olive
1 kg
wheat flour 00
1 kg
matamà (chuck) of beef
1 spoon
extra virgin olive oil
1 handful
2 handful
grated parmasan
1 sprig
rosemary and thyme
1 it costs
yolks (for the pasta)
5 or 6
eggs (for the filling)
whole eggs (for the pasta)
half a bottle
barbera wine or dolcetto
1 glass
dry white wine (for the pasta)
some leaves
to taste
various aromas
to taste

Start by preparing the stew. Cut the meat into regular pieces, brown it in the sauté of garlic, carrot, onion, and celery in extra virgin olive oil and then add the salt, wine, aromatic herbs, cinnamon, pepper and cloves. Cook for a couple of hours with the lid. If you want, you can get a good result infusing the meat with the vegetables and spices a day before; at the right moment you will drain the meat, mince the vegetables and proceed as suggested. For the dough, make a fountain with the sieved flour, in the center add the eggs and the yolks, add the wine, the salt and oil, then start mixing everything, starting from the center, and gradually incorporate all the ingredients, adding some more flour if necessary.  Let the dough rest, after having wrapped it in a cloth.

When the meat is stewed to the right consistency, chop it and filter the sauce. Set aside the latter and a handful of minced pulp, and devote yourself to the preparation of the filling.

Add a ladle of sauce to the meat and mix the beaten eggs, the grated cheese and the nutmeg and the breadcrumbs, mixing well and adding salt.

Roll out a thin sheet of dough and cut strips five or six centimeters wide. At the center of each of them put dollops of the filling, the size of a hazelnut. Close the dough in half and use your fingers to stick the dough well between the dollops. Take the crimped pasta wheel cutter and cut the agnolotti one by one on three sides. Boil the agnolotti in abundant salted water and season with the stew sauce, to which you have combined, as suggested before, a handful of minced meat. Alternatively, you can cook them in a pan with butter and sage or drown them in wine.