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Salbertrand: the kingdom of conifers and animals

The National Park Gran Bosco of Salbertrand extends for over two thousand hectares along the Dora Riparia, starting from 1000 meters in altitude from the valley’s base to 2500 meters at the basin that divides the Valle of Susa from the Val Chisone.

An environment of incomparable beauty, a coniferous forest populated by deer, chamois, roe deer and wild boar, martens, weasels, stoats and beech martens, foxes, hares and squirrels. One can spot the golden eagle, the black grouse, the royal crow, the rock ptarmigan and all the birds from the Alps.

Among the flora, with more than 600 surveyed plant species, the European silver fir and Norway spruce, the Swiss pine and the larch are the most prominent.

A place surrounded by nature, ideal for outdoor sports, hiking, walking and trekking all year round.

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