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In Valle Cervo, near Biella, in the middle of the area' wildest mountains, lies the little village of Rosazza, believed to be the most mysterious village in Italy.

It takes its name from Federico Rosazza who brought great economic development to the entire community towards the end of the 19th century.


During his long life, Federico suffered two negative experiences, the premature death of his wife and of his only daughter. This prompted him to approach the world of the occult, supported by his inseparable friend Giuseppe Maffei.

It seems that both were convinced that our choices are always guided by superior entities, and rumour has it that they were often call upon the spirits for advice on the reconstruction of buildings in the village. The Parish Church was built on top of the old cemetery, which was moved to the opposite side of the River Cervo, and connected to the village by a bridge decorated with crosses and five-pointed stars.
The church interior is a veritable open-air temple, the ceiling of which is completely painted dark blue and decorated with thousands of stars.

The parish square leads into the municipal park, decorated with columns, similar to the ruins of Paestum, and a stone bear, which observes, not far away, a stone slab carved with an enigmatic inscription in runic letters, which no one has ever been able to decipher.

In addition to the Castle, the Church and the Cemetery, Federico commissioned the constriction of numerous stone fountains along the village streets. Each one is different from the others, but they are all marked with recurring symbols, the rose and the five-pointed star. And in the cobblestoned paving outside the cemetery, "stone tears" are distributed around the benches, representing pain, a symbol that often recurs in Masonic lodges. It was customary for the candidate for the rank of master to be lain on a carpet strewn with tears.