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About twenty kilometres from Turin, in Val di Susa, are the ruins of some walls dating back to ancient times that still fuel the imagination of scholars today. According to some, they are the ruins of the ancient city of Rama, a place shrouded in mystery.

The ancient chronicles of the Susa Valley report the existence of the Cyclopean city of Rama which, from the descriptions of the time, seems to have resembled the megalithic citadels of Peru.

According to legend, the city's origin is attributed to the God Phaeton, who, after coming down from the sky at an unknown time, is said to have passed on his knowledge through a large perforated golden wheel.

People still say that the city, which stretched from Bussoleno to the banks of the River Dora Riparia, was built from huge stone boulders, perfectly squared and placed on top of each other with a perfect engineering technique, near the mountains, so that it could absorb their power and magnificence.

Everything that has been handed down to us as legend has, in actual fact, very little certainty attached to it. Some say that Rama disappeared suddenly, destroyed by a flood and completely submerged, along with its secrets. Others tell of an earthquake so violent that it swallowed the city up into a bottomless chasm. Whatever the truth may be, when we're near the ruins of those ancient walls, the sensations still set our imagination racing.

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