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Not far from Demonte, a small village on the outskirts of the Cuneo mountains, is the small hamlet of Bergemolo: two houses scattered about like marbles thrown by a mischievous child and its pretty church of 'San Michele'.

Right in the churchyard of the building, it is still possible to admire a splendid specimen of centuries-old White Elm, registered in the list of monumental trees in Piedmont.

Legend has it that it was planted by Napoleon, but in reality its birth would appear to be even earlier, since its planting probably dates back to the construction of the religious building in 1620.

For centuries, its six-and-twenty-metre circumference has testified to its secularity and elegance, which still captivates people who are lucky enough to be able to admire the tree's centuries-old trunk.

L'Olmo Bianco
12014 Demonte CN