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Every year the Carnival of Lajetto, located in a hamlet of Condove (TO), returns. It has ancient origins and is part of the Alpine carnivals; it manifests the end of winter in a day characterized by the "madness of the Barbuire" among dances, pranks, propitiatory rites and masks aimed at mocking the authorities that once oppressed the population.

It was the occasion of total unruliness. The young people of the village, under the organization of the Philharmonic Society of Lajetto, determined the characters they were to play on this day and then each to make their own mask.

In Alpine carnivals we often find recurring elements representing fear masquerading as: wolves, bears, and wild animals from which man had to defend himself in his daily life, but also doctors, squires and aristocrats who poured some pressure on the people of the past and characters who instead symbolize rebirth, light and invoke the good agricultural season.

10055 Condove TO