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The truffle is the fruiting body of a fungus, absolutely spontaneous (there are no cultivation techniques) that completes its life cycle underground. In order to produce the valuable sporocarp, it should live in symbiosis with tree plants.


The Alba white truffle, which varies in size, is distinguished by its often irregular globular shape, with pale yellow or even ochraceous peridium.

It starts to be harvested from late summer, 21 September until the beginning of winter, 31 January.


The truffle hunter, also known as a trifolao, in order to find what he is looking for needs the help of a dog, trained to recognize the aroma of this fungus.


Once spotted, the truffle should be picked as gently as possible from the ground with a special hoe.


Truffles are eaten fresh and can be stored for about a week. Before its consumption, it should be cleaned with a kitchen brush under running water and, once dried, let it sit for about ten minutes.


Truffles should not be cooked, but should be cut raw, preferably with the specific truffle cutter, over the dish to be eaten.


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