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Located at Alba is one of the oldest and most prestigious high schools in Italy, Liceo Classico Giuseppe Govone, founded in 1882 and attended by leading personalities.

Here Beppe Fenoglio received his education. The writer got to know Prof. Pietro Chiodi, professor of history and philosophy, at the time the top Heidegger scholar in Italy, and Prof. Leonardo Cocito, Italian and Latin teacher, a moral figure who left his mark in high school classes by teaching to repudiate the absence of values instilled by the dictatorship. A recollection of the high school years is found in Chapter IX of the novel "Primavera di bellezza”

In High School Fenoglio had, thanks to Prof. Maria Lucia Marchiaro, his first encounter with English literature. The writer translated all his life; in fact, numerous English words are found in his novels.

Other high school students were: FIAT designer Dante Giacosa and literary critic Giuseppe Petronio.

Alba is also home to a very important Wine School, the Istituto Tecnico Agrario Umberto I, established in 1881 and home to a degree programme in Viticulture and Enology under the University of Turin.


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