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Near Moncalieri, on the outskirts of Torino, there is an ancient medieval building whose construction dates back to the fourth century. Not everyone knows, however, that this castle seems to be the most haunted in all of Italy.

The castle was built many years ago to defend the bridge over the Banna torrent, over which passed the Roman road coming from Pollenzo, and was the scene of many battles.

Among the numerous skeletons found during the excavations, the skeleton of a knight was brought to light. He was buried with his horse, wearing an iron cross around his neck, and his remains have been dated between the 15th and 16th centuries.

The discovery of this corpse greatly impressed the inhabitants of the area, since long before it was said that the ghost of a knight on horseback with a cross around his neck roamed the castle.

The legend tells that in the past a young French Marchioness arrived at the manor and was destined to marry the lord of the castle. The girl, however, was in love with a young knight, handsome and brave. The lord, upon learning of their affair, threw the poor girl off the castle tower. When the knight heard the terrible news, he devoted himself to God and left for the Holy Land to fight the infidels, but he never came back.

That is why, according to legend, his ghost still wanders the halls in search of his beloved.

Unfortunately, the castle, being today a private property, cannot be visited, but whoever is near Moncalieri should take a look at the building which, among the hills, rises imposingly towards the sky.

Castello della Rotta
10024 Moncalieri TO