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Among the oddities of Casa Savoia, the most curious is to have erected in 1615, by the will of sovereign Vittorio Emanuele I, 18 km of almost uninterrupted portici (column walkways) along the center of Torino. The reason? So one can walk from the Palazzo Reale (Royal Palace) to Piazza Vittorio Veneto even during the dreary days avoiding the rain.

The city of Savoia has, thanks to royalty vices, the largest pedestrian zone in Europe. Paved with different styles, from the gray stone of Via Po to marble in via Roma, the portici (walkways) of Torino are urban, architectural, aesthetic and socio-economic, unique in the world.

Even today, if you want, you can take a ride with real comforts, the so-called "tubs" of the center, wandering along the oldest streets of the city, chatting and shopping, through shops, cafes and locals.

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