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Halfway between Moncalieri and Carmagnola, near Villastellone, in the middle of an uncontaminated nature, there is a village that seems to have been forgotten by time. We are referring to Borgo Cornalese, whose foundation seems to date back to the period around the year 1000. Two ethnic groups from the East were the protagonists: Hungarians and Bulgarians, who decided to settle in a place near the Po, far from the main roads. It was a safe place because it was slightly higher than the surrounding territory and surrounded by woods and marshes.

Today the complex includes a large park of 16 hectares consisting of oaks, lime trees, beech trees, poplars and many other plants that every year host different species of migratory birds such as woodcocks, swallows, woodpigeons and bee-eaters, an elegant church with a striking neoclassical bell tower dedicated to Our Lady of Sorrows, a fully functional mill of the '500 and an eighteenth-century manor house "Villa dei Conti de Maistre" surrounded by an Italian garden where there are more than 100 roses of various types and colors.

The curious fact is that the Borgo and especially its Villa have become a sort of small Cine Città, ideal location for some television productions, including Rai fiction: "La strada di casa" ("The road home"). Given its wide spaces, the village has also opened its doors to gatherings of historic cars and motorcycles, automotive events with test drives, screenings and workshops, theater and cabaret.






Borgo Cornalese
10029 Villastellone TO