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Asti's towers are the symbol of Monferrato. Elegant and imposing, like sentinels, they have been for centuries the unassailable guardians of the secrets of the city's families.

Asti was founded by the Romans, but only in the 12th century did it become a free commune, acquiring great prestige in the territory of Northern Italy.

In those years, many families built their own "casaforte". That is, a fortified and protected residence, used both by the "rural" lords to store agricultural products and by the nobles of the city for personal defense.

These buildings were all connected by walls and protected by towers, so as to constitute a safe and defensible territory for the family group and its allies.

The heart of the fortified structure was the tower, a massive square building that developed vertically, surrounded at the top by an crenellated wall.

Many towers are still present in Asti, including the Torre Troiana or Torre dell'Orologio, the Torre Rossa, the Torre Comentina and the Torre de Regibus.


Corso Vittorio Alfieri, 357
14100 Asti AT