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«"Johnny thought that a partisan would be like him, standing on the last hill, looking at the city, on the evening of his death. Here's what's important: That there would always be one left.» (courtesy translation)

Beppe Fenoglio, Il partigiano Johnny


The Partisan Republic of Alba was a politically autonomous entity that existed from 10 October to 2 November, 1944.

On 10 October, 1944, about 2,000 partisans, belonging mainly to the 2nd Langhe Division, occupied the town almost without a fight since, in the weeks prior, the town had been subjected to several partisan attacks, so much so that the garrison authorities were convinced to abandon Alba.

The fascist garrison left Alba on 10 October pursued only by a few sparse mortar rounds. The conquest of Alba, however, had for the Autonomous entity only a political and prestige value, because the partisan military commanders were aware that they did not have a chance to hold the city for long.

During the night of 2 November, in fact, the fascist and Black Brigade departments of Turin and Cuneo crossed the bridge at Pollenzo and the Tanaro river and, shortly after dawn, entered the city.

The partisans, disoriented by the sheer size of the attacking forces and themselves in fewer numbers than when they captured the city, with connection and logistical difficulties, retreated into the hills.

The loss toll for the partisans was about one hundred dead and as many wounded against an unknown number of fascists and Germans.



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