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Piedmont wine culture represents a tradition and identity of our Region which has been passed on and evolved from ancient times to the present, representing the very heart of the area’s socio-economic life. The excellence of the cultivation techniques, innovations in the production aspects, the evolution of centuries-old artisan and technological know-how, as well as the quality of the wines produced, make it a globally-important reference point.

The site includes hills covered with vineyards as far as the eye can see, villages, hamlets and ancient cellars, towers and castles of medieval origin that stand out in the panorama; what makes it unique is the harmony and balance between the aesthetic qualities of its landscapes and the architectural and historical differences of the artefacts associated with wine production activities, as well as being internationally recognized as one of the most important oenological products in the world.

This site is the result of and testimony to a living cultural tradition, the perfect example of the relationship between man and nature for more than two thousand years. The historical vines that have always been cultivated here, the type of cultivation, the rich system of the production areas and the traditional settlement highlight a “living” landscape, in which evolves in the constant respect and equilibrium of tradition and innovation.

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