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This area of Turin has a truly unique scenery: a territory crossed by the Po River and bordered by the hills to the east. Although we are apparently far from the stereotype of the "Natural Park" that refers us to the great woods, to the white peaks, to the flocks of wild animals, here we find ourselves within an anthropized fabric – involving more than 80 municipalities - where habitats and important historical and architectural excellences coexist. It is a set of protected areas established to improve an urban environment and to provide opportunities for recreation and open air to around two million citizens and tourists who come here. The rivers of the Turin area are places of nature, of exciting river landscapes, corridors for the migration of avifauna, where there is still evidence of the history that has linked man to the river. The Turin hill is still a treasure trove of woods and landscapes that overlook the uniqueness of the Alpine circle that we can admire from Turin. A unique place just a stone’s throw from the city where natural jewels such as the Vaj beech woods meet or where you can find groups that combine the environment and important monuments such as the Basilica of Superga.

These different environmental realities represent a heritage of extraordinary importance placed in the context of the goods of the Turin area and are largely included in the territory of the Corona Verde (Green Belt), where important buildings start to rise near the natural surroundings, such as the circuit of the Savoy Residences.


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