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Road between Villanova and Conca del Prà: can be reached on foot; ruins can be visited

Built for anti-Waldensian purposes, and the defence of the valley from Queyras attacks through the hills of Croce and Urina, this small fortress began construction in 1565, under the direction of Governor Sebastiano Grazioli of Castrocaro. It was operational as of 1569 and occupied by the French in 1592 and 1630. During the War of the Spanish Succession, it managed to withstand French attacks, but it was once again occupied by Republican troops during the Italian Invasion of France, who retreated after damaging the fortress in their attempts to descend into the valley.

The upstream portion of the fortress was composed of a triangular dungeon, with two circular towers at the base; the lower enclosure, which comprised several spaces, ensured the road could not be passed. The access to the Pellice well, constructed in 1680, originated from this enclosure.

Traces of walls, the base of the towers and the stone attachment of the well’s stairs are the only visible remains of the sixteenth century Mirabouc fortress today.

Strada tra Villanova e la Conca del Prà
10060 Bobbio Pellice TO

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