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In 1170, Alberto Rovasenda began building the Rovasenda Castle (Castello di Rovasenda), which he wanted surrounded by a wide ditch. Created for purely defensive reasons, the castle, over the centuries, has had various functions until it finally turned into a noble home between the 15th century and 16th century. Between the end of the 14th century and the beginning of the 15th century, the Savoy began their attempt to subjugate the Rovasenda family, who became, after many wars, vassals in 1413. In 1459, the present day 48 meter high and seven storey square tower was added on to the work carried out by Alberto di Rovasenda. A new wing, decorated with frescoes and lacunar ceilings and broad arches, was built during the Renaissance. In 1667, during the war between the Spanish and the Savoy, the castle was severely damaged. Then lightening struck the west side of the new tower in 1721, causing a 15 meter crack that was not repaired until 1927. Among the interesting facts regarding the castle is the story that, Pierre du Terrail, Monsieur de Bayard, the "knight without a stain and without fear" who became famous in the Italian wars during the 15th century for his courage - as a commemorative plaque placed in the interior courtyard indicates - died in area near the castle in 1524.

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