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Not too far from Busca, on a small hill, the castle of Roccolo rises up, surrounded by its splendid park. It was built in 1831 by the Marquis Roberto Tapparelli d’Azeglio, the brother of the more famous Massimo, who wanted to personally oversee the project without relying on the advice of professional architects. The castle, which owes its name to the “roccoli”, that would be the nets used to trap birds, was built to be a lovely vacation spot during the hottest months of the year. Sensitive to the fashion of the time, Roberto D’Azeglio was inspired by the Neo-Gothic and Romanesque styles and harmoniously blended them in Moresque arches, Ghibelline ornamentation, rose windows, and floral decorations. The great park which surrounds the castle, unique in its kind, spreads out for 500,000 square meters, bringing together the garden’s two aesthetic conceptions: the more Classic conception with descending terraces on the main side and a more Romantic conception where nature is left free to express itself in lakes, small falls, and scenic walkways. Recently, the falls and the monumental greenhouse, which oftentimes hosts flower and plant exhibits, were restored.

Strada Romantica
12022 Busca CN
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