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"They said hill as we would have said sea and woods...and for me, it wasn't a place like other places, but an aspect of things, a way of living..." it is the Langhe as seen by Cesare Pavese. And, in fact, the ancient Castle of Saliceto is located along the Via del Sole, connecting Piedmont to Liguria. Belonging to the Marquis' del Caretto di Bagnasco and to the Damiani di Priocca, it became property of the Savoy in 1532. In 1639, Madama Reale gave it to Capitan Buttino da Ceva, who defended it from an assault by the Spanish who had decided to avenge the death of Don Martino d'Aragon killed in Cengio with a musket. Extensively damaged, the castle has been reconstructed and is now once again open to the public who can enjoy the splendidly decorated rooms and the 16th century frescoes.

Via Vittorio Emanuele II
12079 Saliceto CN
+39 0174 98021

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