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The Castello di Villanova, formerly Villanova di Moretta, has been documented since the XIV century, when Filippo d’Acaja decided to build a fortified structure to face the boundary of the marquisate of Saluzzo. It involved an imposing structure with a quadrangular design, dominated by angular towers. In the seventeenth century the residential function started to prevail over the military one and the construction was transformed into a holiday residence. Handed down from the Acaja family to the Marchesi del Caretto and from the Falletti to the Solaro family, to which it owes its current name, with the latter, thanks to the Countess Eufrasia, it became a residential building surrounded by a garden in the nineteenth century.
Currently the structure comprises two overground floors dominated by two polygonal towers.
In 1830 it became home to the Italian patriot Silvio Pellico, returned from Spielberg prison, where he read the first chapters of his most famous work, “My prisons”.
Castello Solaro houses a restaurant since 1997.

Via Vitale 4
12030 Villanova Solaro CN
+39 0172 99365

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