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Requested by Tommaso I of Saluzzo, the primitive fortress of Monasterolo di Savigliano dates back to 1241. The conquests and the various times that the local stronghold changed hands correspond to the reconstruction and enlargement of the historical manor. During the war between Saluzzo and Acaja, which the latter won, the castle was given to Martino Cagna di Aglie as a fee. But, it is Aimone di Savoy who handed it over for thirteen thousand gold florins to Martino Solaro from Asti who, for his part, sold it in 1604 to the Solaro di Moretta family who took on the title of Counts of Monasterolo. The castle’s structure, rather massive, is softened by the main tower, by the small towers, and by the external decorations. Today, the building is the seat of the city’s offices.

Piazza Castello 6
12030 Monasterolo di Savigliano CN
+39 0172 73026

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