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An aura of mystery and legend has enveloped the Castle Fieschi of Zumaglia since the Renaissance, since the time of the feud between Filiberto Ferrero Fieschi and Giovanni Pecchio “guilty” of having sentence the lord of the castle to a pecuniary penalty and, for this, imprisoned for twenty years in the dungeons. Pecchio, who battled his own children, cursed Fieschi whose ghost, according to legend, still wanders today, on nights when there is a full moon, in the form of a long-horned goat. The castle, which plays an important role in the geography of the Biella area, was built by Giovanni Fieschi, Archbishop of Vercelli, and was been restructured several times before Vittorio Buratti gave it its present form in 1938.

Via Castello
13848 Zumaglia BI
+39 015 461457

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