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The structure was built between 1649 and 1680. Of noteworthy interest are the noble chapel and the room with the coats of arms of the Alfieri family done in the 19th century in plaster by stucco artists from Lucania. The castle, cited by Vittorio Alfieri in his letters, has housed, since 1994, the Museo delle Arti e Tradizioni Poplari – Cultura del gesso (Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions – The Culture of Plaster) which documents a particular area artistry: the plaster work on the ceilings of farmhouses in the area of Roero, Monferrato, and the Bassa Langa, very popular, ethnographically, in this geographical area between the 16th and 19th centuries. This phenomenon can be explained by the area’s high number of gypsum caves which furnished an abundant and economical material. In the rooms of the castle, about a hundred decorative motifs are documented and various uses of plaster in local building construction are illustrated.

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