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The Castello Cavour (Cavour Castle) of Santena is part of the complex that includes the park designed by Xavier Kurten, the Cavour family tomb, the medieval Torre dei Benso (Benso tower), and the mews, which now hosts the Museo cavouriano (Cavour Museum).
Designed by the architect Francesco Gallo, the Castle was built between 1712 and 1720, and a series of restorations changed a lot of its external appearance, with the addition of the raising of the central body of the building and the embossed naturalistic decoration on the facade: even the furnishings reflect the taste of Giuseppina Benso di Cavour, Camillo’s niece and commissioner of the works. What remains of the original building is the great hall with the two staircases leading to the noble floors with the apartments and bedrooms: from here one can access the diplomacy hall, decorated with stuccos and frescos, where the Count met with his colleagues from the Ministry for political meetings. The second floor hosts his bedroom, with its original furniture, portraits, funeral mask and other memorabilia that belonged to the Count. 

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