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The Torino Waldensian Temple was founded in 1853, five years after the promulgation of the edict by Charles Albert that, on 17th February 1848, recognised the civil rights of the Waldensian and Jewish community. By architect Luigi Formento and entrepreneur Gastaldi, the Temple is in the Neo-Gothic style in vogue up until the mid eighteen hundreds. The architectural design takes the form of English Protestant churches of the period, realised under the inspiration of British general John Beckwith, who also made a notable contribution to the Temple of Torino. Unlike Catholic churches, the altar doesn’t occupy the central position; for Protestants, in fact, the centre of the believer’s life and of the community is the Word of God and, for this reason, places of worship don’t have specific sacred characteristics. The presence of the Lord is not guaranteed in the walls themselves, but is promised in a reunited community.

Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 23
10125 Torino TO
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