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Considered by some experts to be among the most beautiful in the world, the Synagogue of Carmagnola is a place of immense charm. On the outside, it appears very similar to every other late 17th century building, but its interiors and furnishings are incredibly beautiful. In keeping with tradition, it is situated on the last floor of a building: a spiral staircase leads to a vestibule with a hand basin and a ladder leads to the women’s gallery, screened by a wooden grate. The quadrangular prayer room is illuminated by seven large windows decorated with stuccoes. Fie golden lamps hang from the ceiling, divided harmoniously by wooden beams and there are also numerous wooden high-backed chairs arranged around the walls. In the middle room stands the octagonal canopied Tevà bearing the date 5526, which corresponds to our 1766. The Aron is decorated with carved images representing the Temple in Jerusalem, the Menorah, the Tables of the Law and the Sacrificial altar.

Via Bertini 8
10022 Carmagnola TO

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