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The Santuario (Sanctuary) di Sant’Ignazio is the main and most famous sanctuary in the Valli di Lanzo. From its spectacular spot, protected by the rock of Mont Bastia on which it was built, one can enjoy a breathtaking view which embraces the alpine chain and sweeps over a good part of the valley. Still a destination for retreats and spiritual exercises today, the Santuario stems from folk religion, but above all gained credit among the high clergy and the Torino bourgeoisie as the rich collection of ex-voto testifies, where images of lively urban society, rather than ingenuous scenes of peasant life, prevail. The foundation of the original chapel dates back to 1629 to Sant’Ignazio from Loyola, founder of the Jesuits. In 1727, the chapel was substituted by a larger church and in 1807, following the proposal made by the Archbishop of Torino, Giacinto della Torre, the Santuario also became a home for spiritual exercises. The present structure shows three successive construction phases. It is not clear to whom one should attribute the project design: it is thought that Giacomo Fontana, the architect and master builder who had worked for the Jesuits in Cuneo, furnished the designs, while Bernardo Antonio Vittone designed the high altar. The present structure has a central cross design. The façade, elegant in its simplicity, was recently restored. The entrance, with the sculpted crest of the Jesuits and the frescos above showing the miracle of Sant’Ignazio’s appearance, is worth noting. Inside, two Baroque confessionals bear the engraved crest of the Jesuits.

Località Monte Bastia
10070 Pessinetto TO
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dal 1 luglio al 31 agosto 8,30 - 20,00

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