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The Santuario di Graglia (Graglia Sanctuary) has its origins in the beginning of the XVII century. The parish priest of the village, in imitation of what friar Bernardino Caimi had done a century earlier on the Sacred Monte di Varallo (Mount Varallo), thought of transforming in Calvary the Colle di San Carlo (St Charles’ hill). On this peak had for a long time existed the small church dedicated to Our Lady of Sorrows. The first grand design provides for a hundred chapels scattered between the town of Graglia and the Hill. In fact, only two chapels were built: one dedicated to Our Lady of Snow, and one on the Colle San Carlo (St Charles’ hill). In 1659, however, the work began for the Sanctuary dedicated to Our Lady of Loreto; the project was carried out making use of the skills of important architects, among which was Bernardo Vittone, who finished the work. The Sanctuary is surrounded by a home for pilgrims, and is laid out in a Greek-cross, surmounted by an octagonal dome 38 metres high.

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