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Created as a simple church for the parish of San Maurizio, it became the area’s main parish church in the 14th century with the formation of the hamlet of Cirie. Right next to the church, at the “Porta Nuova” (New Gate), the hamlet’s main structures are found: the curate’s house, the cemetery, and the chapel of Santa Croce. The building’s architecture respects the canons of the most popular Gothic style in Piemonte during the 14th century. The history of the sacred building is closely tied to the history of the community and to the history of the area’s most visible families: the Provana, the Mayneri, the Turina, and the D’Oria. Only the façade, with a wimperg above the main entrance, was the focus of a mid-19th century restoration by Count Ceppi, along with the interior décor. Among the prized paintings to be mentioned are the Madonna del Popolo (1519) attributed to Defendente Ferrari and the triptych which shows the Battesimo di Gesu by Giuseppe Giovenone (1531), plus the valuable wooden cross dating back to the 13th/ 14th century from the Byzantine school.

Via San Ciriaco 32
10073 Ciriè TO
+39 011 9214551
Duomo di San Giovanni Battista

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