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The Church was reconstructed between 1551 and 1582 on the site of a previous church, dedicated to the apostles Giacomo and Filippo, from the ninth century, on order of the Augustinian Nuns, who reconsecrated it to Sant’Agostino and San Giovanni Battista. The facade results in being decisively mannerist. The new church was consecrated in 1643 and is a place of burial for many noble families. In the 18th century, the previous cloister was renovated. The church is a basilica with three naves and without transepts. Inside, the high altar, designed by Carlo Ceppi (1887), has been conserved while, at the same time, the apsidal has been heavily reformed and, among the various tombs, there is an interesting monument of remembrance to Cassiano del Pozzo (1578), a work by Ludovico Vanello. The adjoining cloister has always been the place of burial for the executed while the executioner and their family had the right to a privileged burial under the bell tower.

Via Sant'Agostino angolo Via Santa Chiara
10122 Torino TO
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