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An annex to the convent of the Poor Clares, which is nowadays largely a ruin (although at least the elegant cloister has remained), the church has been totally reconstructed on the same plot as its precedent between 1742 and 1745 to a design by Bernardo Vittone. The final plan has been the object of many different hypotheses, which give reason to the table of the ‘Istruzione Diverse’ by Vittone, through to the choice of an octagonal structure distinguished by strong corner pillars. The church was owned by the Poor Clares until 1842 when it was passed down to the Salesian Sisters, and then in 1930 to the Piccole Serve del Sacro Cuore di Gesù, who still run it today. The dome is particularly remarkable with its eight segments which tower over the construction, as is the effect of extreme luminosity provided by the imposing windows at the base of the dome.

Via delle Orfane 15
10122 Torino TO
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