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The building of the convent of San Sebastiano, which took place between 1500 and 1540, was only completed in 1887. The three-nave plan presents, over the central nave, a vaulted ceiling decorated with perpendicular bands including thee medallions dedicated to Saint Sebastian. The central nave is supported by thin columns; the two side aisles presents figures appropriate for the classical, sophisticated taste - Roman and classical philosophers, mythological and bucolic episodes, military generals from Rome and Classical Greece, and didactic and moralistic inscriptions. The fresco decorations are particularly interesting as they are inspired by the grotesque, typical of the Renaissance, and which came back into fashion after the re-discovery of Nero's Domus Aurea in Rome's Imperial fora; it presents inlays of leaves and stylised human figures. The only chapel which is frescoed in its entirety is in the left side aisle and presents on its wall a Crucifixion and in the lunette, a Piety. The choir, in carved wood, dates back to 1545, was made by Gerolamo de Mellis and is characterised by a peculiar decorative motif, done through the insertion of bronze and Limoges ceramic plaques from the 13th century. Finally, the 16th-century polyptych by Defendente Ferrari, with Mary, baby Jesus and the Saints, is particularly significant.

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