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The church dedicated to San Michel is located inside the Oleggio cemetery. Cited in a document from 973 and mentioned in 1347 as the hamlet’s parish church, it was abandoned during the 16th century and then rebuilt. The structure has three naves which end in three semicircular apses. Inside are frescos and pictorial cycles which are some of the few examples of Romanesque art in northern Italy. On the counter-façade, the Universal Judgment is depicted with Christ, The Supreme Judge, in the center and the Angels, the Virgin, and the Prophets on the sides. In the second order, the Apostles are depicted and, in the following one, are the Souls of the Believers. Among the frescos from the Romanesque period, the “I Cavaliei” (“The Horsemen”) cycle located right in the center of the apse’s tambour, should be mentioned. Other frescos in the church are also noteworthy such as the “Resurrezione di Cristo” (“Resurrection of Christ”), dated between the end of the 15th century and the beginning of the 16th century by the Novara painter Franceschino Cagnola and the San Michele Arcangelo *(Saint Michael Archangel) work by the painter from Poland (but whose adopted home was Oleggio), Johannes Maria del Rumo, traceable to the first half of the 16th century.

Via Mezzomerico
28047 Oleggio NO

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