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Built around 1400 near the ancient walls of Novi, the Chiesa (Church) dell’Oratorio della Maddalena was created following the passage of the Campagnia dei Disciplinati. One of most interesting artistic elements of the building is the sculptural ensemble in wood, which takes up the entire space of the apse’s basin behind the high altar, and which depicts Monte Calvario (Mount Calvary). Created by Flemish artists toward the end of the 16th century, it includes 21 human figures and 2 horses, all life-size. In the back ground is a large fresco depicting the Empireo (Empyrean) with God, the angels, and the saints who welcome Jesus at the end of his torment. In the church’s interior, another sculptural group is found, done in polychromatic terracotta, which shows the Deposizione (Deposition). Once, when Venerdi Santo (Good Friday) was celebrated with sacred representation, the statue of Christ, with arms untied, was taken down from the cross and placed on Calvary. Also the work that depicts the city in 1750 is interesting: Novi is still surrounded by the walls that encircled the castle, the Duomo, three parish churches, and the convents.

Via Abba Cesare Giulio 28
15067 Novi Ligure AL

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